Not all heroes wear capes


Corbin looks pensively out the window reflecting on what it means to save a life.

John Lyles and Thomas Like, Staff Writer

Not all heroes wear capes. This may be a cliche today, but it doesn’t make it any less true, especially in the case of South security guard Corbin Calvert and Assistant Principal Joe Doyle.

 Calvert was preparing for the JV soccer game on Thursday, Oct. 3, when he noticed a school bus parked in a strange spot. At first glance nothing seemed to be wrong, but upon closer inspection, he noticed that the bus was dangerously close to tipping over. Doyle and Calvert investigated the issue and discovered the bus driver was unresponsive in the vehicle. 

“I knocked on the door and asked if he could open the door… his eyes were open, but he was completely unresponsive and couldn’t talk,” said Calvert. “I had to open the doors manually because he couldn’t open it, and then I had one of the referees tell Mr. Doyle to call 911.”

Calvert knew how dangerous the situation was for the bus driver and knew he had to get him out of the bus.

“Normally you’re not supposed to move them, but he was in a very unsafe situation. I didn’t know what the bus was going to do,” said Calvert.

Together, Calvert and Doyle were able to get the driver out of the bus safely and put the bus’s emergency brake on. After getting him off of the bus, Calvert did all he could to keep the driver conscious, recounting that he kept talking to the driver and kept his eyes open until the ambulance came. Once the ambulance arrived, EMTs discovered the bus driver had extremely low blood sugar due to diabetes, and had nearly gone into a diabetic coma.

Additionally, Calvert stated that the security guards at South are given first aid training in case they have to deal with situations like this, but when it came down to it, it was just the result of Calvert being in the “right place at the right time.”

“It was just lucky he happened to be right by the soccer field so we could go check on him,” said Calvert. “And then of course I only had 10 minutes until the soccer game so I had to get back onto the field.”