South Speaks: Homework

Celie Kreilkamp, Staff Writer

Boone Law: Some days my homework amount is pretty okay, sometimes it’s not. When I have a regular amount I will usually spend 2-3 hours on it after school. I don’t really have a problem with the material, it’s just the time commitment that’s hard.











Hannah Hillers: The amount of homework I get fluctuates. Sometimes it’s manageable, but I usually get a lot from different classes at the same time so it’s difficult to deal with it all. I think in general it should be lessened.











Rowan Schilling: My homework amount is a lot but I can usually deal with it. When my sport starts, balancing it will become harder. My workload junior year has gone down slightly as I’ve gotten older since I use to have to do a lot of busy work. The content is harder so there’s a different expectation for homework as the years go on! 










Ashley Billingham: I believe it depends on the classes you have. A lot of times teachers will give what they see as a fair amount of homework, but they won’t take into account that with all the other classes, it can be overwhelming.