Thursday Panther Plus fuses art and ecology


Raya Haghverdi, Staff Writer

What happens when you mix science and art? This Thursday, South students will get to find out!

Maria Whiteman, a nationally-recognized artist, will be at South during Panther Plus this Thursday to help bring a mixture of the arts and  sciences to a very relevant topic: climate change. Whiteman is the artist-in-residence at Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute for Research and Artistic Social Practice. The institute aims to find and implement strategies to build up resilience to environmental change, which includes bringing awareness to the public about the effects of global warming. Whiteman will also be joined by Katie Beidler, an IU ecologist. 

“The goal is actually to make some art together,” said Kirstin Milks, who will be hosting Whiteman and Beidler in her classroom during Panther Plus. 

If you don’t have any plans for Thursday’s Panther Plus, consider dipping into artistry and ecology in Dr. Milks’s room, A311.