New Year, New Me: Resolutions at South

Lizzie Allen, Staff Writer

With every new year always comes new New Years resolutions, and 2020 is no different. The most stereotypical resolutions are surely ‘to go to the gym more,’ or ‘to eat healthy,’ but some South students and faculty were able to think outside the box and come up with some creative and interesting goals to work towards.

Junior Susan Brown’s father recently packed up and moved cross-country to California, and she says that communication with him has become more difficult since then. She explained that he calls her almost every day, but because she hates talking on the phone, she rarely picks up. And thus, she has resolved to “pick up the phone when [her] father calls.”

Katie Hickman, a freshman, wants to “swim faster during swim practices… and make sure [fellow South swimmer] Susan brings everything she needs to swim practices.” Her resolutions are very swim-oriented, and she says that’s because she “should just try harder in swim practices, everyone should do that.” When asked if she will keep up her resolutions, she laughed and said “definitely not.”

In an interesting twist, junior Neylan Visnuis’ resolution is to “eat more cheese.” That’s not a resolution that many would make, but she believes that she doesn’t “appreciate cheese enough.” And seeing as she has a lot of cheese in her fridge right now, she firmly believes that she will keep her resolution.

Finally, popular history teacher Matt Hoagland vehemently stated that he does not make New Year’s resolutions.

“I never make New Year’s resolutions. If you need to do it, just do it now,” said Hoagland.

So whether you’re like Mr. Hoagland and haven’t made a resolution, or you’re like Katie and have a solid goal to work for, 2020 is still a new year to look forward to, with plenty of new opportunities to be had.