S.P.A.A promotes healthy decisions with Red Ribbon Week

Lucas Hickey, Editor

Walking around South, students will see plenty of fliers adorning the billboards and walls of the school. While many may ignore them, today a very important flier joined the rest. This week is Red Ribbon Week, a week dedicated to promoting self-respect by staying away from drugs and other harmful substances. The S.P.A.A or Students Promoting Awareness and Action (a chapter of S.A.D.D) are leading the event.

Junior Lauren Moore is a new member to the organization but still has some words of advice for people wishing to participate, “On Wednesday students should wear red to raise awareness, if they do they can come to lunch and get a ribbon.”

High school can be a difficult time for students who are trying to stay on the straight and narrow. Student organizations like S.P.A.A and S.A.D.D are very important to help support students who don’t want to participate in some of the less healthy activities present in the student body.

Moore had this advice for students who are worried about peer pressure “ it won’t make you cool or not make you cool, just do whatever you feel is right.”