Friday’s Schedule


The African American Dance Company at Indiana University.

Celie Kreilkamp, Staff Writer

Tomorrow, February 28th, South will have an adjusted schedule due to the final day of ISTEP testing as well as the performance of the African American Dance Company in fifth period. The AADC, directed by Stafford C. Berry, is a nationally recognized company at Indiana University fusing traditional and contemporary African dance styles, and will be performing at 2:00 in the purple gym. Since 1974, the AADC has performed their original choreography of diverse and beautiful African dance forms all across the country.

Friday, February 28th

Period 1: 8:00-8:58 (58 minutes)

Period 2: 9:03-10:01 (58 minutes)

P+: 10:06-11:06 (60 minutes) – Sophomore ISTEP testing 

Period 3: 11:11-12:51 (60 minutes)

A lunch: 11:11-11:41

B lunch: 11:46-12:16

C lunch: 12:21-12:51

Period 4: 12:56-1:23 (27 minutes)

Period 5: 1:28-1:55 (27 minutes)

Dance Troupe in the purple gym: 2:00-2:55