PROUD hosts Vamp It Up


Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

     PROUD will be throwing a costume and dance party at Rhino’s Youth Center on Friday Oct. 30 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Food will be provided, and there will be costume contests with prizes. Tickets will be $5, and all money made from the tickets will be donated to UNICEF.

    Junior Angel Addison said she likes seeing everyone dancing and enjoying themselves to help UNICEF.

    “I’m looking forward to hearing the live music and seeing everyone having a lot of fun while also doing good for charity,” Addison said.

     Senior Spencer Biery said he is looking forward to seeing everyone in their costumes.

    “I really like the costume contests. People always have really great costumes, and it is cool to see,” Biery said.

     Addison said people should get excited to dance and listen to live music.

    “Everyone should expect to have a lot of fun,” Addison said.