Five ways to stay busy in quarantine


Hailey Allgood, Staff writer, Ad manager

It’s the third day of your quarantine adventure, maybe your 10th depending on your spring break plans. You have played Barbies with your little sister more than should be allowed, and you now know the names and fatal flaws of all of your mother’s coworkers. As fulfilling as these activities may be, you might be wondering, what now? To comfort you in these desperate times, Optimist is here to share five things to do to stay busy in self-isolation.

1.) Spend time with your family (seriously)

It can be hard to spend quality time with the people you love during the rush of being a high school student. From work, homework, and sports, we often miss out on opportunities to connect with the people around us. Take this time to play a board game or simply discover something new about your loved ones.

2.) Go outside

Despite a stay at home order, the outdoors are still accessible. With warming      temperatures, there are limitless possibilities to get you off of your couch. Walking your dog or taking a hike can be a great way to embrace spring in spite of the current circumstances.

3.)Binge watch Netflix shows

Indulge in these four shows to fill your spare time:

Criminal Minds

This well known crime thriller follows a group of FBI profilers who spend their time uncovering high risk criminal cases. Keep your mind working throughout the time at home by following the leads of true crime.

All American

To cope with the loss of your spring sports season, live vicariously through the life of a rising high school football player and his path to leadership.

Grey’s Anatomy

Take your quarantine as a marathon rather than a sprint and buckle down for 16 seasons of love, loss, happiness, and medicine.

Parks and Rec

Seven seasons of raw comedy

4.) Find a hobby

Learn how to draw, paint, or even try something normally unheard of. You can take this new skill with you outside of isolation and display your new talent.

5.)Reconnect with old friends

Everyone is as desperate for things to do as you are. Take advantage of that and call people you haven’t heard from in a while. They may be able to help you add to this list.