Reading isn’t fun anymore, thanks to school

Katie Apple, Staff Writer

I was the biggest bookworm growing up. I read one book series after another, including Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Reading was a big hobby of mine, but seemingly vanished sometime during middle school. 

It’s common for people to grow out of something they used to enjoy, especially during their middle school and teen years. So did I just grow out of reading, much like other activities? I don’t think so and I can tell you why. 

Class reading typically begins in elementary school. Sometimes you’d have to take a small test or write a book report, but in my experience these were never that bad. The books are easy to read and kids are given more freedom to choose what interests them.

As school becomes harder, so do the class readings. In fact, the class readings weren’t hard for me to read. It was because they didn’t interest me. I remember reading books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Star Girl and The Outsiders. They weren’t independently chosen either. They were outdated paperback copies given to the entire class, then enthusiastically read during an anxiety-driven game of popcorn.

Don’t get me wrong, these stories are iconic for very good reasons. They just aren’t the kinds of books I see myself reading in my free time. 

Then add the stress of taking notes, highlighting themes, daily homework and a big, scary essay at the end of all of it. Does that sound fun to you? I didn’t think so. 

It gets worse too.

Not only does it happen while school is in session, but is also required during summer breaks. Who decided that was a good idea?

Ever since the uninteresting school books in middle school, reading has become my least favorite activity. Even when books turned into articles for my Writing 131 class, they still took up every ounce of my motivation. 

My hypothesis is that reading is not fun anymore, and it’s all because of school. I technically did lose a love for it, but it wasn’t up to me. School took away something I used to enjoy by making it a serious part of my grade. I can’t help but to associate reading with school, therefore I assume it is uninteresting and not worth my time.