Indiana University provides wifi hotspots for those without access

Natalie Schacht, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in closures globally. As a result, people have had to make the switch to working and taking classes online and remotely, if they were lucky enough to have jobs that they could do from home. But with the sudden shutdowns, working from home has presented problems in multiple areas.

Many families were unable to access the internet at home before the pandemic, which made it challenging for them to do work at home, as well as for their kids to do school work at home. The closures have resulted in sending college students back home, but some students are unable to get home, so they have to quarantine in town. This leaves them without access to a stable internet connection. 

So Indiana University has risen to the challenge. Statewide, at all of IU’s campuses, there are wifi spots for people to drive to and connect to free internet so they can work. These spots are 24-hour accessible and are located across the state, mostly in campus parking lots.

MCCSC has partnered with IU and has arranged for a 9 am to 3 pm period of wifi access to take place in the parking lots of BHSS and BHSN.

Listed below are the spots where people can access the free wifi.


IU Bloomington: Orange lot between Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall. (Note: Zone B has the best connectivity, although users may be able to connect in zones A and C as well.) 

IUPUI: Lot 92, N. Blackford St.

IU East: Tom Raper Hall parking lot.

IU Kokomo: Main Building, Havens lot next to the Well House.

IU Northwest: Moraine Student Center, parking lot 2.

IU South Bend: Student Activities Center parking lot.

IU Southeast: Knobview Hall, Hickory parking lot. 

IUPUC: Campus Center, Arnold Street parking lot.


More information can be found through IU.