South athletics hope to remain normal in coming season

Lizzie Allen, Editor

With MCCSC’s recent change of school reopening plans, the question on the tip on many people’s tongues was ‘what will the athletic teams do?’ The answer is to continue the season as planned.

“At this time, we are a ‘go’,” said South Athletic Director JR Holmes. 

Fall sports teams will continue to follow the IHSAA guidelines as they practice, including wearing a face mask into and out of practice as well as whenever not involved in strenuous activity, frequently washing their hands, and doing self-evaluations for health. IHSAA guidelines also include the regular cleaning of athletic facilities and equipment. 

South plans to proceed through the athletic seasons as normal, with little change in how games are held or played. The bus ride to away games will look different, however. Athletes are required to distance on bus seats, and face coverings are required. South is still evaluating the best way to hold home games, but they are expected to look very similar to those of the past, except with fewer fans in attendance. 

As of right now, Holmes is hopeful for fan attendance to be allowed immediately.

“We are planning on [attendance] to happen…[at the] start of the regular season.”

He is still unsure of the number of fans that will be allowed to attend games in person, but is sure that masks and social distancing in the stands will be required. 

In general and until further information is provided and decisions are made, expect South athletics to look fairly similar to how it looked in past seasons.