How to go back to school, 2020 version

Iris Kreilkamp, Editor

At 8 a.m. on Wednesday, August 12, South students will be beginning their 2020 school year — except this time, it’ll look a little different. Students will be logging on en masse to start a new system of virtual learning, one that involves schedules that change daily — some periods will be occurring live on Microsoft Teams while others will be non-synchronous, with students doing the classwork on their own time.

Before school starts, it’s a good idea to log onto and download Microsoft Teams to your laptop — it’s where live classes will be taking place, instead of the live video software South was previously using in spring of 2020. Important: for signing in, use your normal MCCSC email, but use “.edu” instead of “.net” for the ending to your email (ex: [email protected]).

Starting at 8 AM, students should log on to Canvas, where they should see their classes and SRT. For the first day, everyone will be going to SRT first, where they should see a link to a Microsoft Teams session. This will be a general welcome back and a time for everyone to figure out what’s going on as we all get used to longer-term online learning.

There will be additional information on Microsoft Teams from your teachers in your Canvas class modules, so check there if you still have questions. 

The schedule of day-to-day periods and which classes will be live vs. not can be found on the MCCSC website. Check out our other article on weekly scheduling and how attendance will be taken for more information.