Board votes to start in-person September 8

Celie Kreilkamp, Staff Writer

  • Starting on September 8, MCCSC will be re-entering a hybrid-learning model for all schools.
  • At a school board meeting Tuesday night, a committee identified three stages to evaluate where MCCSC stands- red, yellow, and green. 
    • Red: all online
    • Yellow: hybrid (can choose online)
    • Green: 5 days in person (can choose online)
  • The stages depend on rolling averages of positive cases in Monroe County, and as long as the percentage of cases remains below 10%, MCCSC will be in the yellow phase.
  • Hybrid learning will mean that half of South (divided by last name) will be in school on alternating days each week.
  • During yellow and green stages, families who decide to do so may stay all online for their child’s learning.