Bloomington South DECA club

Eva Stuart, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered how to manage a company? Do you have an interest in marketing and finance? Do you like to win? If so, South’s new competitive business club might be just the place for you.

South business educator Adam Price has recently opened a new chapter of DECA, a business oriented competitive club, for South students of all ages. DECA is an internationally recognized organization that helps students who are interested in business make connections, learn about finance, business, and marketing practices, and compete in district, state, and national competitions. 

So what is DECA? “DECA is a marketing competition club that provides students with opportunities to gain competitive marketing experiences in a unique hands on learning environment,” said Price. There will be one to two meetings a month, and three competitions throughout the year (if the team qualifies). The meetings will be virtual, and the baseline commitment is fairly low, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with school or other extra-curricular activities but still want to try out DECA, don’t fret. 

Looking back to his own high school experiences, Price feels that DECA was a great opportunity for him. “I found what I wanted to do in life because of DECA. It helped me grow as a person,” said Price. He hopes that students wanting to improve creative thinking skills, build confidence, and learn how to more comfortably express their ideas take advantage of this new opportunity, just as he did as a student.

Price is looking for “students that enjoy business, hard workers, and students that have a competitive side.” If this describes you and you want to join, email [email protected].