South students staying safe on the job, despite Covid

Maizie Jeskewich, Staff Writer

Many South students work jobs on top of their busy school driven schedules. This could be even more difficult amid the pandemic when some businesses are closed, and others are open with tight restrictions. 

Sophomore Georgia York works at Aver’s Pizza in hopes of saving up to buy a computer. She said they “do a very good job handling Covid.” York explains that they’re all required to wear masks and customers are not allowed inside. All of their delivery and carry out is contact free ultimately, reducing exposure as much as possible. 

Since the recent switch from code yellow to red, all MCCSC students are now 100% online. With this, students are given more freedom by working on their own time. Some students are taking this opportunity to work more. 

For example, sophomore Lilly Brown is a lifeguard at the Monroe County YMCA in hopes of getting a little extra spending money. Considering her schedule is freed up a bit more, she is working more hours. “The covid safety restrictions put in place at our facilities make the Y very safe and I never feel at risk,” Brown said. She explained how, for the most part, people respect their rules and if they don’t, they are asked to leave by staff members.