5 Songs From 2020 You May Have Missed

Maizie Jeskewich, Staff Writer

  • Cayendo (Side A- Acoustic) by Frank Ocean: 

As Frank Ocean is a very popular artist, with many hits, including “Thinking Bout You”, “Nights”, and “Ivy”, his song “Cayendo (Side A- Acoustic)” was very overlooked. It is an emotional, heart-wrenching R&B ballad with lyrics that were sung in both Spanish and English. This song is a melodic masterpiece and, in my opinion, one of Ocean’s best works. 

  • Toking, Dozing by Feng Suave:

Dutch Duo, Feng Suave released an EP, “Warping Youth”, in June of last year. It included six  songs on it, including “Toking, Dozing”. This psych-pop song has catchy lyrics and upbeat instrumentals I think an array of people would like. 

  • Dream World (Acoustic Version) by The Growlers:

The Growlers, an indie rock band, have been releasing music since 2006. With their most recent releases of “Dream World” single and “Dream World (Acoustic Version)” single. As they are both unerringly catchy songs, the acoustic version is vastly superior, in my opinion. The simple instrumentals with the same catchy lyrics, this song is hard to beat.   

  • 4 da Kidz by Kid Cudi:

Cudi’s album “Man On the Moon III: The Chosen” took the world by storm late last year. It was his first album since 2016, making it long awaited. Yet, there was one song on there that didn’t receive as much attention as it deserved. “4 da Kidz” was one of the best songs on the album in my opinion, and one of the least talked about. 

  • First Aid by Gus Dapperton: 

Dapperton’s single, “First Aid” was released earlier last year, captivating what it’s like to feel isolated. This gives it the potential of being an anthem for people feeling lost and lonely during these weird times. The imagery surrounding this song makes it feel therapeutic. It includes a perfect mix between calming and chaotic energy that surrounds the song. His feelings are represented in the song very well, making it a captivating and engaging listen.