Deadline to decide about taking online AP exams is April 1

CJ Miller, Staff Writer

Seniors, juniors, and some sophomores, it’s that time of year again. The weather is starting to break, pollen is in the air, the vaccine news is becoming more promising by the minute and AP Exams are coming up.
Because we are in a pandemic, things will be done slightly differently this year and John Livingston, guidance counselor, has some important information for students.
Whether students are online or in-person, they have the option to take their AP exams online via the College Board website.
“It’s one or the other,” he said, adding that College Board wants to allow for students who are truly concerned about Covid, but students can’t take one exam on paper and one online.
Students who take exams in person will take them on paper in the first two weeks of May, as they have always done. Students who test online will take them in June.
If students need to take exams online, they must contact Livingston by April 1.
Some exams such as Spanish, Latin, and AP Music Theory require in-person testing.
Nervous about taking AP exams whether online or in person?
“The AP teachers have been doing this for a long time and that students have had great preparation if they have “taken advantage of it,” Livingston said.
He also said that it’s normal to be nervous about taking big tests. “At some point you gotta get out of your head and relax,” adding “there is not a penalty” if you don’t do well.