South seniors will graduate in-person this spring

Celie Kreilkamp, Staff Writer

Pomp and Circumstance. Long gowns and graduation parties. 

High school graduation is a long-heralded tradition for high-schoolers all across the country. 

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime-event,” said South senior Connor Coyne.

Even though this school year has been anything but traditional, Coyne and other seniors have an in-person graduation to look forward to this spring, said South principal Mark Fletcher.

“I think all of our clubs, activities, celebrations and final performances are important. I’ve heard for a year plus that people would like to get back to some of these things, so hopefully we came up with a plan that’ll be fun for everybody and feel a little bit like we’re back to normal.”

Administrators worked with the Indiana Health Department to put together a proposal in which graduation would be outside and socially distant. It will take place on the football field on June 5th. Masks will be mandatory, and each student will be allotted two tickets for loved ones to attend. Because the ceremony will take place outside, which has never happened before at South, there will be alternative time slots the same weekend in case of rain.

“I’m sad that I can only bring my parents, as I would love to have my grandparents and sister attend as well, but I’m happy we’re having anything at all,” said Coyne. “I think having graduation outside, socially distanced, is fine.”

South senior Addison Hensley agreed. “For me, it’s not a disappointment to have only two tickets available because it’s a good way to keep graduation safe. It’s the best the school can do right now and I’m really excited that we’re getting something at least semi-normal.” 

The 2020-2021 school year was arguably the least normal year anyone has seen in a long time. But as the weather gets nicer, vaccination rates go up, and classes come to an end, students and families can look forward to celebrating their achievements as a community with a close-to-traditional graduation ceremony.