FAQ: I Am MCCSC Online learning for 2021-2022 school year

Iris Kreilkamp, Editor

On April 26, the MCCSC School Board announced that online schooling will continue to be an option for all MCCSC students next year — but not the exact same way it’s been functioning this year. Read on to find out what exactly you need to know about the “I AM MCCSC Online” system for the 2021-2022 school year.

Who can go online next year?

Anyone has the option to be online; however, there will be a limited number of spots and an application process. The application opened on April 28th, and closes on May 14th. Teachers and counselors will review students’ applications, and parents will meet with their respective students’ principals, as well as teachers from the 20-21 school year (if applicable) to assess if online schooling is a good match for their children. Additionally, students outside the school district or students who were previously homeschooled are also able to participate in I Am MCCSC Online.

Will I be given priority if I was online this year?

No. Currently, only students with medical conditions preventing them from attending online school are expected to be given priority in the application process according to the School Board.

Who will be teaching online students?

There will be designated teachers for the online classes — this is meant to streamline the process for both teachers and students, so individual teachers will not have to be teaching both in-person and online students. Teachers will also be receiving new technology in order to improve online learning.

What classes will be offered online?

An actual course list is not available yet, but not all classes offered at BHSS will be an option for online students. Prioritized courses will be available, as well as some Honors and AP courses and limited elective courses. These classes will be adjusted with the goal of a more efficient online education experience for students — for example, electives that are very hands-on and more difficult to teach virtually may not be available online. Students will receive grades for these courses as they would in regular in-person school. Students will be expected to participate in online schooling for 6 hours a day, including live teaching and assignments.

Can students participate in clubs and sports?

Yes, online students can still participate in IHSAA sports. Virtual clubs will be offered for online students, and students are encouraged to start their own virtual clubs.

How will students get resources (laptops, textbooks, etc.)?

There will be designated pick-up and drop-off times for resources like textbooks and learning materials, and all online students will receive a school issued device, just as in person students would. 

My student qualifies for reduced lunch — will they still be able to get that?

Yes, meal plans for students who receive free or reduced lunch will be available, and more information will be available soon. 

For any more questions about the I Am MCCSC Online learning program, email [email protected], or go to mccsc.edu/onlineacademy. Parents will be notified by May 28th if their student qualifies for online schooling.

I Am MCCSC Online Application Form: