Angel Tree program extends a branch to help children

Elizabeth Rickert, Staff Writer

    About 100 children will be receiving holiday gifts from the Angel Tree program this December. The student council is part of this program, and they give presents to children who might not get presents any other way.

    Each child fills out a wish list stating what their clothing sizes are, what toys they like, and what their dream gift is. Student council members are assigned a child, and each member shops for the child based on what they put on their wish list.

    Sophomore Shay Upadhyay said she really enjoyed choosing presents for the children.

    “It was really fun to physically shop for them. It made me see the impact of where the gifts go to and who they go to,” Upadhyay said.

    Joel McKay, guidance counselor and advisor of the program, said the student council members really enjoy taking part in the Angel Tree program.

    “They [the student council members] love it. I’d say, for most of them, it is probably their favorite thing they do all year,” said McKay.

    Junior Aldridge Zajmi said his favorite part of the program was knowing that all of the gifts benefit the children.

    “It is great to do something that will benefit kids in the future. I think it is a worthy program for people to donate money to because everyone deserves Christmas,”  Zajmi said.