Btown welcomes fall event season

Jordis Kieffer, Staff Writer

     With Fall coming up, the weather is going to be cooling down and leaves will be changing, making it the perfect time for events in Bloomington, IN. Some main events that will be in Bloomington this fall include The Fourth Street Art & Crafts Festival, Indiana Balloon Festival, Lotus Festival, The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch, and many more.

Kiwanis Balloon Festival, via Kiwanis Club

Indiana Balloon Festival

     Friday, September 10 through Sunday, September 12, come join Kiwanis at the Monroe County Fairgrounds for a weekend of fun and tons of hot air balloons. This year will mark the ninth consecutive year in a row for the Indiana Balloon Fest.

Passes to enter the event range from $20-$30 and you can either get your tickets at Buskirk-Chumley, online, or in-person when you arrive at the event. Over 5000 people generally come to see everything this event has to offer, such as tethered balloon rides, helicopter rides, live music, food trucks, a beer and wine garden, fireworks, pyrotechnic skydivers, a marionette puppet show, giant kite demonstration, and a night glow (multiple hot balloons light up and make a show). The event will also have untethered hot air balloon rides, but tickets must be purchased in advance. Along with all the fun, most of the proceeds go to forming and shaping better communities for children around the world.

Inside a Lotus Festival venue, via WFIU

Lotus World Music & Arts Festival

     Do you like music? If so, come visit downtown Bloomington and its six different venues around town during the weekend of September 23-26 for one of the oldest world music festivals in the U.S.           

     This year will be marking the 28th anniversary of this event and will feature artists from over 120 different countries and regions. The event will be available for all ages and is one of the most diverse and educational events that happen in Bloomington yearly.

     At Lotus Festival you can check out live music performances from artists around the world, hands-on art projects, interactive workshops, yoga, and dance performances. If you are interested in the live music performances, some are free and some come at a price between $20 and $65. There is merchandise being sold at the event, such as little buttons, t-shirts, food and drinks, and much more. 

     If you are a person who likes to help out the community, Lotus is taking volunteers to help run the festival. Volunteers must be 16 or older and should write a short statement describing why they would like to volunteer. Once you are part of the volunteering group you get a free t-shirt, a button, and a fun experience at Lotus Fest! 

Hoosiers Outrun Cancer Race to Be Held Virtually Due to COVID-19 | Bloom  Magazine
Start line of Hoosiers Outrun Cancer, via Rodney Margison, Bloom Magazine 2018

Hoosiers Outrun Cancer

     Come out to Indiana University’s Campus September 25 to run/walk one of the largest and oldest 5k in Indiana or participate in the 1-mile run/walk. 

     Over 5000 people participate each year to help reach the goal of 300,000 dollars. So far they have already fulfilled 70% of that goal. All the proceeds that come from the event go straight towards supporting locals who are impacted by cancer through a partnership between Bloomington Health Foundation and Cancer Support Community South Central Indiana (CSCSCI). CSCSCI is a support group  for those who have cancer or had cancer. They help out 11 surrounding counties, and all the programs are free to attend/be a part of.  

     Registration to participate in the 5k and or the 1-mile is $30 for early registration (ends the 17th of September) and late registration is $35 (18th-25th of September). For those who want to sign up and run with a group of people, team signups are available. Anyone who ends up participating receives an event t-shirt as well. Along with all that, at the end of the 5k and mile there will be fun festivities and a kids zone for kids. 

Glass pumpkins at the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch, via Indiana Creative Glass Center

The Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

     Do you like going to pumpkin patches each fall? Well if so The Bloomington Creative Glass Center is adding a little twist to your typical pumpkin patch.

     On October 16th, The Bloomington Creative Glass Center is hosting a glass pumpkin patch at the Monroe county courthouse lawn. A glass pumpkin patch is like your typical pumpkin patch though every pumpkin is made out of blown glass from the local Creative Glass Center. (The Bloomington Creative Glass Center is a non-profit organization that teaches classes to people who are interested in the art of glass blowing, fusing, and more. Along with their classes they also have an apprenticeship program.)

     This is their 12th year having this event. In the previous year they almost sold completely out of all the glass pumpkins, so come quick. Also, if you are interested in viewing the glass pumpkins before the big day October 2, they are holding a preview and you can check out what they look like. 

     In addition, the Bloomington Creative Class Center is also looking for volunteers to help out at the event. Plus, if you do decide to help out, it could open a new hobby up because as you help out you get to explore how cool the art of glass blowing is!