School board approves rapid Covid tests for students hoping to return to school

Elena Rupp , Staff Writer

Students can now get a negative rapid/antigen test to return to school after they have reported symptoms consistent with COVID-19. The MCCSC School Board unanimously voted to make this change at the Tuesday, September 14 meeting. 

There used to be only three options:

Option 1: Student completes a 10-day isolation period at home.

Option 2: Students are seen by a medical provider and have a Return to School statement. 

Option 3: Student shows proof of a current negative PCR COVID test. 

Now students can get a negative test, PCR or rapid/antigen, to return to school. The main reason for this new option is because of the shortage of PCR tests in Bloomington. It is becoming very hard to get a PCR test result quickly. This new option will also allow students who believe they are negative for COVID-19 a faster return to school. An antigen test detects the presence of current viral infection, whereas a PCR test detects genetic material from a specific organism/virus.