Optimist Opinion: Devious Licks destruction stupid and costly

Staff Editorial

TikTok’s viral challenge, Devious Licks, that encourages students to steal from school and post about it online is brainless and pointless. At South alone, American flags, soap, projector remotes, hall passes, fire extinguishers, and even money have been taken in the past two weeks. 

Sept. 16 TikTok announced it would remove the hashtag that was encouraging the trend. We’re pretty sure a new hashtag will emerge. We can’t stop it, but we would like to point out a few things. 

  1. It’s stealing. Students who do this could face criminal charges.
  2. It’s a bad habit. Students shouldn’t start down this path. 
  3. Freshman — you already look stupid, why make it worse?
  4. We want to wash our hands; it’s a pandemic, if you hadn’t noticed! 
  5. It’s expensive and the school has to pay to replace stolen items.
  6. The overworked custodians, who already have extra duties because of Covid cleaning, have to put up with even more nonsense. 
  7. Freshman. See above.