Get the Look: Art Teacher Angela Berzins

Maggie Grogg, Staff Writer

Angela Berzins, the jewelry and stained glass teacher at South, has a very special way of adding an artistic touch to her outfits that she wears to school.

  Her clothing consists of dark tones, unique jewelry and of course, her go to Doc. Marten shoes. 

“When you get older and figure out who you are, you figure out what you like and stick with it,” Berzins explained. In high school through college she went through many phases of dressing, from preppy to hippie, and now she has settled on her “goth rocker mom” style.

Berzins is a firm believer of expressing who you are. “Trying to be someone else is just no fun,” said Berzins.

Berzins thrifts a lot of her clothing, which is a sustainable, affordable way to shop that has become a popular way for teens to shop these days. When she’s browsing aisles, she looks for dark basic clothing that can go with anything. She admits that she often splurges on her foot wear. She fell in with Doc Marten boots lin high school for their chic gothic look, plus they last forever. These amazing boots started her love to find the perfect shoe to pull her outfit together.