Bloomington’s Take on Seasonal Treats

Jordis Kieffer, Writer


Jordis Kieffer

Imagine walking down the streets of Bloomington Indiana with the fall leaves rustling in the wind and you think to yourself, “I’m a little hungry.” Well, these local restaurants and cafes in Bloomington are sure to have something to set the mood for autumn. 


  • Soma

         Soma is a great place to stop by if you are in the mood for a refreshing or warm  drink, or even some baked goods to snack on. They offer everything from juices and smoothies to coffee and tea. Currently, Soma is carrying a few seasonal drinks such as a pumpkin spice latte, spiced cider, and a Frankenchai smoothie (a smoothie with chai, soy milk, cinnamon, and a banana).  

    Atmosphere: The atmosphere of Soma is different depending on which location you go to. If you go to the one at the corner Henderson and Hillside you are sure to get a more calm and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. If you go to the two nearby campus they are more bustling with college students and have a busier atmosphere.

    Best Seasonal Thing: The Frankenchai smoothie right now is their best seasonal item right now in my opinion. The chai mixed into the smoothie tasted freshly brewed and with the cinnamon added to it, it made the drink taste how you would imagine fall would taste.

    Good Drinks or Other Foods: I would definitely recommend trying their other seasonal drinks but also check out their baked goods such as their chocolate chip cookie that goes well with any of their drinks.

    Price Range: $


  • The Chocolate Moose

         If you enjoy ice cream as much as I do, The Chocolate Moose is meant for you. The Chocolate Moose has been around since 1933 and has been drawing in people all year around. They sell ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, sandwiches, coffee, and much more. 

         In the fall, the Moose carries a few seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin, apple butter, and frosted animal crackers. You can get these flavors in milkshakes, coffee, or in a cone or bowl.

     Atmosphere: The Chocolate Moose is a very lively atmosphere with people in and out from the second they are open to the second they are closed.

     Best Seasonal Thing: The best seasonal item they are carrying right now in my opinion is their pumpkin ice cream. It tastes exactly like pumpkin, has a nice creamy consistency, and will definitely remind you of eating a pumpkin pie.

     Good Drinks or Other Foods: Other good things to get would be their other two seasonal ice cream flavors, but also the pumpkin ice cream with cheesecake ice cream with it as well. If you get the pumpkin ice cream with a scoop of cheesecake ice cream it tastes exactly like a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.

      Price Range: $

  • Crumble Coffee & Bakery

       Crumble Coffee & Bakery is on College Avenue, and in Renwick. They serve teas and coffees as well as baked goods.This fall, they are carrying many fall drinks such as an apple pie latte, dirty maple latte, apple cider, lavender cardamom, pumpkin hot caramel, pumpkin spice latte, autumn spice steamer, and much more. 

    Atmosphere: Crumble Coffee & Bakery is a wonderful coffee shop that is perfect for anyone who loves warm and cozy coffee shops.

    Best Seasonal Thing: Personally, their autumn spice steamer is my favorite seasonal drink they are serving right now. The autumn spice steamer tasted like a warm cup of spiced tea with a cinnamon stick brewed in with it. Also, because of the steamed milk, it gives your first few sips of the drink a foamy milk sensation. 

    Good Drinks or Other Foods: I would also suggest getting the pumpkin spice latte or the dirty maple latte if you prefer coffee, and if you want something to eat with your drink get their blackberry crumble.

     Price Range: $$

  • Baked!

            Baked! is a bakery that serves all your cookie needs any time from 9 a.m to 2 a.m. They have been open since 2006 and bake almost any cookie imaginable. During the fall they carry seasonally-flavored doughs such as pumpkin, blueberry oatmeal, and red velvet; along with all their other crazy delicious cookies. 

   Atmosphere: Baked! is a lively bakery depending on the time of day you’re in there that has a massive wall to draw on, tons of board games to play, books to read, and tables to eat their amazing cookies at. If you go in at their later hours the place is more calm and peaceful with chill music playing. The bakery also carries an amazing smell of freshly baked cookies.

   Best Seasonal Thing: Their top two best seasonal cookies to eat are their pumpkin cookie and their blueberry oatmeal cookie. Their pumpkin cookies were scrumptious and by far one of their softest cookies they carry. The overall taste is like pumpkin bread which is great.Their blueberry oatmeal cookie is also really good. It tastes like a homemade baked blueberry oat breakfast bar which makes this cookie great to eat at any time of the day.

   Good Drinks or Other Foods: If you like a mystery or like trying new things then their orphan cookies and sludge bars are great to try. Also the best thing to pair any of the cookies you get here is a good glass of milk or some coffee.

   Price Range: $

            Two Sticks Bakery

            Two Sticks Bakery is an all woman-run bakery in Bloomington that makes everything from scratch. Everything is baked daily and stuff sells out fast. 

            They carry many things from pastries and cookies to cinnamon rolls, cakes and more! This season they have special items such as apple turnovers, sweet potato/goat cheese/zucchini/cheddar hand pies, pumpkin cheesecake bars, pumpkin coffee cake, pecan bars, browned butter pumpkin cake, cheddar apple scones, and much more.

Atmosphere: Two Sticks is a tiny bakery that is like an in and out ordeal but they provide outdoor seating allowing you to enjoy your food and drinks outside and talk to people.

Best Seasonal Thing: A super good seasonal food to get in my opinion is their cheddar apple scone. At first it doesn’t sound appealing but looks really good, is really good tasting, and is huge. Your first bite is savory due to the cheddar and the second bite is sweet because of the apples leading to a sweet and savory taste.

Good Drinks or Other Foods: I’d suggest trying any of their other seasonal foods if they aren’t sold out but also try their homemade chai. Their homemade chai has an amazing blend of spices and even a spice I couldn’t really figure out but made the drink so uniquely tasting and good for anyone who likes a mystery.

Price: $$


             There’s only so much I can try until I’m all pumpkin-and-spiced out, but that didn’t stop me from trying all the seasonal food in Bloomington. Other places that are having a seasonal menu are Bloomington Bagel Co. with their pumpkin bagel and cranberry walnut bagel, Rainbow Bakery, Hartzell’s Ice Cream, Big Woods, and many others.