New Dungeons & Dragons club drawing huge crowds

Lance Majercak, Staff Writer

When you think of Dungeons and Dragons you may think of a bunch of sweaty nerds huddled around a table late at night drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos. Or at least, that’s what some people think before they play D&D, but really, D&D is for everyone, and that’s why we now have the Dungeons and Dragons club at South.

“D&D is for everyone, anyone can have fun playing it,” senior Raina Ricely said.

At the first meeting teacher sponsor Ian Rickerby’s room was packed. The club president, Jack Feinstein, presented a brief slideshow about Dungeons and Dragons and had people fill out a survey on their preferred playstyles. Future meetings have taken- and will take- place in the large group room. Since then, meetings have consisted of other short presentations about Dungeons and Dragons, such as how to create and play a character, and people have also been working on their campaigns and also scheduling when they can play together. 

 In D&D, a key role is Dungeon Master, also known as the DM, runs the world of the aforementioned campaign. The campaign is the storyline the characters go through, in which all the players explore, complete quests, and do whatever it is that they desire to do.

Customization Is a very big part of Dungeons and Dragons. There are many ways to customize your character, whether that be their class- a fighter, paladin, ranger, etc.- or what race they are- human, elf, tiefling, etc. You can also change how you roleplay your character, like what their backstory is, how they sound, or Senior Ivin Tait’s favorite part “thinking about how my character would interact with others.”

D&D is good for expressing yourself and it also helps with more applicable skills like scheduling events with a group of people, and sometimes, in my experience, dealing with people that you may not like, which makes it genuinely beneficial outside of the creative realm. Or as Simon Everman, who has been playing for three years, puts it, “[D&D] emphasizes creative thinking and thinking and teamwork! And it’s also very fun and a good opportunity to hang out with your friends.”