South provides free period products: a step in the right direction

Maggie Grogg, Staff Writer

Are you a girl at South who has ever found yourself in a situation where you need a tampon or a pad, and have had no access to one? Either the tampon dispensaries aren’t filled or you have to pay to receive one. Now you can find a basket of free tampons and pads that are available for anyone who needs them. 

South’s nurse, Brandy Rayles, advocated to our administration that girl’s restrooms need to be supplied with free periods, especially because of our new safety rules regarding using the restrooms. It is enforced that you don’t bring any bags with you while you use the bathroom, which makes it difficult for girls to bring the products they need with them to the restrooms.

As of right now in the girl’s bathroom, the tampon dispensaries are not filled for those who need them, and if they were filled you would have to pay 75 cents to get what you need. Thankfully, now South girls will not have to go the extra mile to get a tampon.

Tampons and pads are essential items, just like toilet paper and soap, which you never have to pay for in public restrooms. If necessities like hand soap and toilet paper are federally regulated by the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration to be free, then necessities like tampons and pads should be free in every public restroom, not just at South.

Currently, Scotland is the only country to have free period products in their public restrooms which is extremely beneficial. Although we are only one school out of millions, making this small change for young girls is a step in the right direction for South. 

Making period products free in our restrooms means not having to jump through hoops for menstrual care, which has brought relief to girls here at South.