Join Optimist for a December of small celebrations

Iris Kreilkamp, Co-Editor

We all know the classics — Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah. National holidays are a chance for the whole country to rest, celebrate, or spend some quality time with loved ones. But what about the less popular, and also less federally recognized, holidays? 

Unsung heroes of the calendar like National Tater-Tot Day (February 2) or National Zip Code Day (July 1) are a chance for our simpler joys to be celebrated. Some commend loved ones and their professions on International Firefighter Day (May 4), while others are just a reason to brighten someone’s day, like on National Say Something Nice Day (June 1). 

This holiday season, join Optimist staff for a month of National Holiday celebrations. Check out our Instagram story @southoptimist for daily reminders of the smaller joys in life.