Optimist’s 25 tiny ways to improve your 2022

Celie Kreilkamp, Co-Editor

The new year is a time to refresh and restart, so to celebrate 2022, Optimist wanted to compile a list of little ways to make life better. We hope all our readers have a wonderful new year and consider trying out some of our tips.

  1. Send a snail mail letter
  2. Unsubscribe from that one annoying email promotion
  3. Clean your water bottle
  4. Compliment a random person
  5. Make your bed every morning
  6. If you don’t feel like exercising, but you know you should, just go for a walk
  7. Make a recipe until you love it
  8. Get that haircut you’ve been thinking about
  9. Light a candle
  10.  Dress up — even for small things
  11.  Carry a book around with you
  12.  Listen to a new podcast
  13.  Set an alarm to get off your phone- even if you ignore it
  14.  Reach out to an old friend
  15.  Walk or bike if the trip is short
  16.  Give small gifts
  17.  Turn off your lights when you leave
  18.  Say thank you more often
  19.  Donate clothing to a secondhand store if it hasn’t been worn in a while
  20.  Take a day trip
  21.  Learn how to make coffee you love at home
  22.  Thrift more often than you don’t
  23.  Eat a vegetable you’ve never tried before
  24.  Call your grandparents
  25.  Wear a mask!