No time to be puzzled, PuzzleFest is coming!

Jordis Kieffer, Writer


 If you are puzzled as to any fun things to do this month, International Puzzle Day is coming up soon on Jan. 29, and like every year Monroe County will be hosting its annual PuzzleFest between Jan. 27-29. 

     If you have a passion for collecting puzzles or building them you should definitely check out the puzzle swap and sale happening on the Jan. 27 and 28 at the Monroe County History Center from 10 a.m to 4 p.m both days. Those with cool puzzles can bring them in and swap them for a different puzzle brought in by other people, or bring in cash to buy puzzles at a fairly cheap price. 

     Along with the puzzle swap and sale, on Jan. 29 the festival will be hosting a jigsaw puzzle competition that allows you to make up your own team of up to four people or compete by yourself. The event will be hosted through Zoom at 11 a.m, though tickets to participate are $30-55 depending on group size.

    That’s not all PuzzleFest has to offer! There will also be different puzzle related crafts and presentations that are family friendly.