Sing 2 Review

Boone Law and Elise Sensabaugh, Staff

Ever since Sing 2 came out, a discourse has erupted all over TikTok. Some say the movie was a “magical experience” and a “perfect sequel.” Others believe that they are being paid to say that. So we went to check it out for ourselves! 

Sing 2 was all glam with very little heart or plot. The soundtrack was absolutely rancid. There wasn’t a single song that was newer than three years old. All of the songs that were used have already been exhausted on the radio. For a movie about singing, the soundtrack should consist of new music that you can sing to. Get it? Sing 2? The plot relied on making everything bigger and better than the first movie, which was not successful. Besides, the main plot has been used too many times, and it’s tiring. The writers could’ve tried to give it some kind of twist. This whole movie was leading up to their performance, but their performance didn’t even have a plot in itself. When it was supposed to be about space, it was really just them randomly singing and jumping off planets. They dragged it on forever, too, the movie being almost 2 hours long. We could barely sit through it, and I know the kids behind us couldn’t either because they were kicking our seats. Overall, Sing 2 is good if you want to watch something without having to think about it (at all), but the only thing we enjoyed during these two hours was our overpriced blue raspberry icee.