South students win in Indiana Scholastic Writing Awards

Iris Kreilkamp, Co-Editor

Several Bloomington South students won awards at the Indiana Scholastic Writing Awards this year. Overall, South students won  7 Gold Key awards, 3 Silver Key awards, and 4 Honorable Mentions.

Grace Choi, sophomore

-Gold Key Flash Fiction “All of Her Circles”

Alexander Kutza, senior

-Gold Key Dramatic Script “Ingrained”; 

-Gold Key Writing Portfolio “Means of Production”; 

-Honorable Mention Science Fiction & Fantasy “Extinguish Her” 

-Honorable Mention Science Fiction & Fantasy “Colony Collapse” 

-Silver Key Short Story “Means of Production” 

-Silver Key Personal Essay & Memoir “Nothing Happens”

Brooke Liao, sophomore

-Gold Key Critical Essay “Modern-Day Social Media’s Effects on Adolescents: Hot or Not?”

Mathilde Robinson, senior 

-Gold Key Critical Essay “A “Pressing” Issue”; 

-Gold Key, American Voices Nominee Critical Essay “Just Taxes: Outlining a Philosophical Framework for Redistributive Taxation” 

-Honorable Mention Critical Essay “The Morals of the Story: Critics on Representation in Black Panther and ‘Cinderella’”

Dylan Stringer, sophomore

-Gold Key Critical Essay “Individualism, Collectivism, Colors and Kung Fu”

Hazel Stringer, junior

-Silver Key Critical Essay “Napoleon in America”

Ari Wu, sophomore

-Honorable Mention Poetry “Dusk”