Bloomington South Dance Marathon upcoming events

Elena Rupp, Staff Writer/Photographer

Bloomington South Dance Marathon is back in action this year! After two years of not holding live events due to COVID-19, Dance Marathon is now able to. 

Dance Marathon is an organization that raises money for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, which helps treat all children in need of health services. They have many events throughout the year to raise money for this important cause while also having a blast. 

Bloomington South Dance Marathon strives to raise as much money as possible. They hope to raise as much as they did last year, which was around $60,000. The student leaders of the organization hope to reach their goal while making each event super special and fun. Senior Fundraising Executive Chelsie Lindauer said, “The mission of BSDM is to create a community where everyone is working for the same goal, which is to help the kids.” 

They have held events this past month like “Rec For Riley” where students paid $10 to play recreational sports and fun activities together, and “Color Wars” where students played kickball, dodgeball, and more. Senior President Emma Cannon said, “These events help create a lively and bonded community while having fun. The events help people get hyped up about the dance marathon.” 

Looking to get involved? Here are some exciting events coming up.


Day Of Hope:

On March 8th from 4 to 6 pm, students will meet and work together fundraising. For people who need some help starting fundraising and their donation pages online, this event would be good for them to go to. Students will work together calling and contacting businesses and possible donors to seek donations. “This ‘no pressure’ environment, while having friends at the event, will hopefully make students feel more comfortable seeking donations to help fundraise,” said junior President Jake Keller. 



On March 25th from 6 to 9 p.m., BSDM will hold a carnival for the younger children in the community. This event is a great opportunity to have elementary students, younger siblings, and families come to support the cause. There will be kid-friendly games, face paint, dancing, and more! 


Dance Marathon:

On April 2nd from 6 to 12p.m., the most anticipated event happens! The nine hour event is where students are on their feet to honor the kids at Riley Hospital. There will be live music, fun activities, photo opportunities, eating contests and more! Families who have had their children receive care from Riley Hospital, will speak about their life changing experiences and touching stories about Riley Hospital for Children. At the end of the night, the event becomes a rave-like environment with a hired DJ and everyone dancing. Then the night will end with an exciting reveal of how much money BSDM has raised. Lindauer said, “You don’t want to miss it! It’s really fun for everyone and such a special event.”


Bloomington South Dance Marathon is an organization that would be happy for any new people to join. The leaders recommend that if you are coming to one of the events for the first time, bring a friend! “Also, don’t be afraid to talk to the upperclassmen leaders! We love talking to new people and we are super excited when new people come to our events.” said Cannon, “So if you’re available, come to Dance Marathon’s next event!”