Theatre South and Stages to electrify audiences with The Lightning Thief

Boone Law, Staff Writer

Lightning, camera, action! It’s opening week for The Lightning Thief, and the cast and crew are busy making their final adjustments. The production is a collaboration with Stages Bloomington and Theatre South, so the cast is composed of kids from all over Bloomington.

“Working with Stages has been a tremendous experience for all of us. Not only have the actors had the opportunity to work with students from different schools on this project, they have also been exposed to a creative team from IU, who are super talented, dedicated and professional,” says Catherine Rademacher, the director of Theatre South.

The musical has been in the works for about three months, with rehearsals starting in January. Currently, the cast is finishing up their most difficult week, tech week, in preparation for their first show.

“Tech week has been going great. It’s been stressful trying to balance it with school, and we’re all exhausted by the end of the night, but we’ve been having fun,” says Sophomore Helen Schomaker, who plays the lead Percy Jackson in the production.

“There’s definitely extra pressure being the lead, especially since I’m on stage for pretty much the whole show, but I’m lucky enough to have directors that remind me that it’s okay to mess up sometimes,” they say. 

Sophomore Elly Axsom, who plays Sally Jackson, notes how she feels to be back in a big production after COVID.

“I’ve learned a lot. I think coming back from COVID has made me realize just how important theater is and the community it creates,” she says. 

What made her realize this, she says, is the cast she works with. “The cast is super tight-knit and although we have our set groups we really come together as one and I couldn’t ask for more fun people to work with,” she says.

Overall, the cast is very excited for their first show and can’t wait for everyone to see it.

The Lightning Thief will have performances on March 25th and 26th and the following weekend on April 1st and 2nd at 7pm in Carmichael Hall. Tickets can be bought at the door or online.