2022 Fashion Trends Springing Into Our Closets

Bella Inman

As the weather warms and trees begin to bud, there are new fashion trends blooming as well. Designs that were seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week from high fashion designers are starting to seep into mainstream fashion, with a more wearable flair. 

Nods to the ‘90s and early 2000s are still coming in full force. Colors like kelly green, lime green, and hot pink will be prevalent in men’s and women’s wear. These colors were  plastered all over the runways of Versace, Stella McCartney, and Valentino, and monochrome outfits in these colors will be seen more in the coming months. 

These colors are also being worn in y2k-style dresses and low rise pants. Dresses with ring cutouts and funky floral prints are on the rise and being paired with chunky shoes, such as the timeless Dr. Martens. 

Although there’s much controversy over the trend, history is inevitably repeating itself with low rise jeans. Designers like Dior and Tory Burch are pushing out new low rise pant designs for high fashion consumers. In the coming months it’s expected for more accessible fast fashion brands to start producing these low rise styles as well. 

A new twist on a classic, pearl necklaces are becoming a staple accessory for everyday wear. Pearl necklaces add a chic touch to otherwise plain outfits and allow for a simple dab of elegance. Singer Harry Styles was one of the first to start the pearl necklace trend, flaunting his pearls on tour and in music videos. Now, many models such as Gigi Hadid are wearing pearl necklaces paired with a clean style while off-duty.

Popularized by TikTok, a new fashion and lifestyle trend is being created. What is called the “that girl aesthetic” shows a simple, clean style of dressing. Neutrals and minimalist clothes can be paired with gold jewelry, specifically gold hoops, to achieve this style. Another large component of the “that girl” look is a slicked back bun. Influencers achieve this by using Olaplex No. 3, a hair product that strengthens hair while also keeping it slicked back. The hashtag “olapexbun” has received more than 15 million views on Tiktok.

The “that girl” trend also emphasizes a healthy and active lifestyle. Activewear is becoming everyday wear this spring. Influencers like Emma Chamberlain often sport a matching activewear set when running errands. Even retail stores such as Target and Old Navy are producing activewear sets to keep up with this trend and keep it affordable.

Also in spring styles, midi and long skirts, particularly in floral prints, will be worn in these warming months. Flowing skirts are casual and comfortable, and are easy to wear for a “just got back from the farmer’s market” look. Midi skirts are perfectly paired with classic Birkenstock sandals, which are starting to have another shining moment as they did in spring 2016. 

Classic Birkenstock sandals make a great shoe for people on their feet a lot, as their footbeds are built to mold to your foot with wear. In the spring it’s easy to slide your ‘stocks on and go about your day. 

Wrapping up Spring of 2022 trends, dressing casual but chic will be the prevailing style. Comfort but fashionable is what many designers and brands are creating, working  to market pieces that will stay in trend cycles longer. 

No matter your personal style, spring of 2022 fashion trends will have something for you.