March into New March Music with Us

Jordis Kieffer, Writer


Peach Pit: From 2 to 3 

     Peach Pit is a Canadian indie pop band which has been around since 2016 and has released four albums since, one being their new album From 2 to 3. The band consists of four members: Neil Smith, Christopher Vanderkooy, Peter Wilton, and Mickey Pascuzzi. 

     In the new album it transports you to some of your best, long lasting days you would feel during spring and summer break. The songs in the album are about spending time having fun with your friends, and through the album, especially the first half, the happy joyful vibes come through. These joyful, warm, laid back vibes are also heard in the immaculate guitar riffs played by Vanderkooy, and the unique instruments such as the cowbell, tambourine, lap steel, and harmonica, which add an eccentric twist to the album. In the last half of the album the songs start to mellow out and the instruments start to slow down, becoming more focused on the guitar in the song, compared to the first half that had more of a funky upbeat tempo and multiple instruments played throughout the song.

Rex Orange County: WHO CARES?

      Orange Rex County (Alexander O’Conner) is also an indie pop/bedroom pop singer that has been around since 2015 and is known for a few of his songs, one being “Pluto Projector”. On March 11, he released an 11-song album called WHO CARES? that takes you through his life when it comes to the stress and difficulties he has had to face with friendships, relationships, and his career. Throughout the album he asks the question of “what’s worth it anymore?” proving that his stress does take a toll on him and that he doesn’t know what to do with life. Though within the album he keeps up with these lively beats and instruments, making the album sound not as depressing and making you want to cry, but instead make you realize that there is still a better future out there and we just have to believe in ourselves. All around, the album has an incredible blend of instruments and his voice that makes the album perfect to listen to anytime you want to feel better about yourself.

Hot Flash Heat Wave: Sportswear

      Hot Flash Heat Wave is a post-punk meets dream-pop band that has been around since 2016. Their new album Sportswear  begins with a feeling like you are falling into the Alice and Wonderland book, just to run into a world full of new-wave sounds and laid back synths. However, the further you dive into the album the more the music changes. For example, their third track “Bay Boys” has a goth-rock sound that may remind some of songs from The Cure. And further on, songs like “Where I’m @” and a few others have more of a psych-pop influence that is like combining  Wallows with Tame Impala. This overall makes this album a great album for anyone who enjoys 80s EDM (electronic dance music) and just wants to explore unique and different genres of music within one album.  


King Princess: For My Friends

      King Princess (Mikeala Mullaney) is a pop artist who is known for her songs “1950,” “Talia,” and “Pain,” though now is back with her latest song “For My Friends”. Her new song is about her two best friends and thanking them for putting up with her over the years, even through her struggles. The song has so many emotions going into it and you can hear it through her voice that sounds like she is trying to convey a sense of happiness and joy.  On the other hand, when listening to the lyrics, it sounds and seems more sentimental. More than anything, the song has an amazing beat that makes you just want to jump up and start dancing with all of your friends in this world and enjoy their presence.

Florence + The Machine: My Love

       Florence + The Machine is an English rock band with a singer (Florence Welch) who has the voice of a goddess. Florence + The Machine has sung many songs that you may have heard on the radio such as “Dog Days Are Over,” “King,” and “Shake It Out.” Recently in March she released her single “My Love”, which took a few by surprise since she released a whole album called Harder Than Hell earlier this year. 

       Most of the band’s songs have a sense of confidence and strength to them. However, in “My Love”, the song is taken to another level where the electronic sounding beat and the confidence in the song makes you want to spin around and dance in the middle of the night. While at the same time there is this dark but uplifting feeling that flows throughout the song that makes you feel empowered and capable of anything even during your worst days. Which overall, is what Florence wanted people to feel, since she wrote this song when Covid-19 was at its peak and she was going through a dark time but was trying to find ways to brighten her life up and remind herself and others that they are still strong.

Wallows: At the End of the Day

        The American band Wallows has been gaining a large amount of followers within the last few years, and since the start of this year they have already released a few singles, one being “At the End of the Day.” They also have a new album coming out soon called Tell Me That It’s Over. 

        “At the End of the Day” is one of Wallows newest releases that is about being in a relationship with someone and feeling like over time the relationship is falling apart, but “at the end of the day” no matter where the relationship goes you just want that person to be happy. The song has a mellow tempo but at the same time an electric summer feel, like the band the Bleachers have in most of their songs. This tempo followed by the more electric sound is much different from some of the Wallows’ previous songs such as “Scrawny” and “Drunk on Halloween” that have a more of a slow steady beat with guitars and drums carried throughout the song, and this song being more like their songs “OK” and “Do Not Wait”. Also, what may take manywho listen to the Wallows by surprise, is that in this new hit single, Braeden Lemasters is the one being the lead singer in the song, while in most of the Wallows’ songs Dylan Minnette is the lead singer.