International Foods and Arts Festival is coming to Bloomington

Jordis Kieffer , Writer


Bloomington Pipers’ Society and many other people gather to teach others about their culture at the International Foods and Arts Festival (Jordis Kieffer)

The weather is warming up and that means festivals are going to be starting up. One upcoming festival that is going to be making an appearance in Bloomington is the International Food and Art Festival, hosted by Bloomington’s Park and Recreation.

    The International Food and Art Festival is happening on April 10 from 2-6 p.m. on Fourth Street. The festival will celebrate different cultures from people who live in Bloomington. There will be a variety of art, different foods from all over the world, and many cultural songs, instruments, and dances being performed at the festival. 

    The festival will be a great thing for people of all ages to attend, to learn about different cultures around the world and how Bloomington celebrates them. This festival will also be a good learning experience for younger kids, allowing them to also be able to explore other cultures, but also try new foods at a young age, get used to large groups of people, improve communication skills, and overall just have a fun time. 

    For anyone planning on spending time at the festival or not planning on attending but may be around downtown Bloomington, the streets between Dunn Street and Grant Street will be closed for the festival so some may have to re-route or find other places to park around downtown.