South students celebrate Ramadan

Boone Law, Staff Writer

All around the world, Muslims are celebrating Ramadan. Ramadan is a month of prayer, fasting, reflection, and community for Muslims. Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims and it consists of  refraining from food and drink during the day, tobacco products, and sinful behavior. It is also full of celebration, community connections, and feasts after sunset. It lasts a whole month and this year it spans from April 2nd to May 2nd. Many Muslim students at South are participating in the celebration. Fasting is most difficult for them, but it is very rewarding. 

“It’s always the first few days that are the hardest,” said senior Layaan Hajiyev. “Adjusting to waking up two hours before and going to sleep later is a lot and I definitely feel tired that first week, but after that your body gets used to this new routine and it becomes enjoyable.”

One student was even late for class after waking up early to eat before sunrise, then falling back asleep. 

“My family gets up at 5 a.m. because we can’t eat after about six, so we ate and I fell asleep on the coach and didn’t wake up until about 8:30,” said junior Sabrina Fazni.

Though it may seem difficult, Ramadan is a very rewarding experience. For some Muslims Ramadan is about learning self-control.

“It teaches us discipline and brings us closer to Allah,” said Fazni. 

For others, it’s more about community. “For me, I get to understand new perspectives of people who don’t have the basic opportunities and necesites like food and water that I get to have on a daily basis. It also about connecting with the Muslim community around me and experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. It’s like a reward at the end of the day to try little bits of different cultures from people from all over the globe,” said Hajiyev.

Ramadan marks when the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad, which was the birth of Islam. Overall it reminds Muslims of the birth of their religion and brings them closer to their community and Allah.