Opinion: The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Jordis Kieffer, Writer

        On May 2, 2022, a Supreme court draft opinion that talks about overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked, and with that, it has many people, primarily women of all ages, all over the country ready to protest for their reproductive rights and their choice on what they can do with their bodies.

      Along with this information, the country was notified that each state will have a choice in the decision to overturn. If say Indiana was to overturn it that would mean a few things, but primarily that women could not get safe, medically done abortions without it being illegal. This is not right due to so many factors, in my opinion as a women who can has the possibility to get pregnant, and here is why!

  1.   It’s like we are going back about 50 years. In the past, when the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision first began, people were doing the same thing that we are seeing currently; protesting. They were fighting for their right to abortions so they wouldn’t have to do them painfully and injure their bodies, along with getting in trouble with the law. Since we have seen this right to have abortions safely, we see more women having better chances of living and not being injured due to these other options women were taking. If our state or other places in the country were to go back to how it was in the past we could see a resurgence of these past harmful practices causing women who may have not wanted to be pregnant, to die, face injuries, and or jail. 
  2.    It’s not just about the practices people may resort to either if this gets overturned. Many people may not want kids, be financially stable, or it could be that they didn’t have a choice in becoming pregnant. One in four women get abortions in the U.S, and most of the time it’s for those reasons. Someone shouldn’t have to bring a child into this world if they feel like they aren’t ready to have all that responsibility. Also, there is the factor of rape, which is something many would rather not want to think about, but is something that does happen and gets people as young as the age of 10 pregnant without their choice, and is illegal. Though if this option to have an abortion was taken away someone could be left with a child that they might not want, and be left in a horrible mental state due to the trauma that led to this child, and overall lead to a bad upraising for that child and negative consequences for that mother. 
  3.    This possible overturning could also affect the transgender community and non-binary community, which many people don’t take into much consideration when people talk about rights to their bodies and abortions, but it’s important to know that this also affects them as well. Almost 47% of transgender and non-binary communities face sexual assault and rape in the U.S a year; which is an extremely high number. Taking this option from this community could lead to body dysphoria for some, and their rights to reproductive healthcare partially gone. Also, this act can lead to questioning of LGBTQ+ rights in the future; especially if they are willing to take rights away from women currently.  
  4.       Furthermore, this overturn is being led by people’s religious beliefs and by men. This isn’t right, primarily because in the United States, in the Bill of Rights it states in the First Amendment, that Congress should make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, and therefore the Church is separate from the state. Over the past years, however, we have seen the Church become so immersed in our country that now something like abortions can be taken away because it going against what religions like Christianity believe is a wrongdoing. I personally believe that this shouldn’t have a role in this decision or lead to why this right is in the process of being overturned because not everyone is religious or has those same beliefs and should still be granted to have the choice to those rights. In the long run, I think it should be a choice and if you feel like it’s wrong to have an abortion then you have the choice not to have that procedure done, but for the people who feel like it’s not wrong, they should still have that choice and others shouldn’t have a say in what they can and cannot do with their own body. You can’t pressure your religion onto someone who may not believe in it, and right now that is kind of what it looks like. 

       Also, men come into this role because most of the Senate and government are made up of men, most being older than 50. Due to this, we see this control of old beliefs from the 19th century also playing a part in this choice women may not have in the next coming months. Additionally, men shouldn’t have rights over women’s bodies because it isn’t their bodies to control and have power over! Men don’t have to go through pregancy and childbirth, and don’t fully understand that some may fear childbirth, not have a stable life for another human being, and or want children. Our bodies and what we can do with them is a human right and if one thing like Roe v. Wade gets overturned within the next two months then what will that say about the rest of our human rights; especially for women, and transgender and non-binary communities?