The 3! Movie Reviews: Bullet Train

A train full of assassins and criminals, motivated by money, revenge, and fate- Bullet Train is a high speed, off the rails viewing experience, sure to keep your caboose glued to your seat. From the mind behind John Wick and Deadpool 2, David Leitch brings his sleek vision to life in this ludicrous, action packed adventure. Brad Pitt stars as a mercenary plagued by bad luck trying to have a more positive outlook on life. Co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry play twins competing with Brad Pitt’s character for a briefcase full of money, and their conflict leads to the chaos that is Bullet Train. 

The film has some amazing components. For example, the movie takes place almost entirely on the train it gets its name from. Unlike most movies that take place in multiple locations and feature numerous sets, the single location in Bullet Train makes the audience feel claustrophobic and trapped like the characters they are watching. The tight confines of the location also means the characters are forced to interact frequently, leading to witty dialogue and some clever humor. The actors gave great performances, especially Henry, who plays the character Lemon, a Thomas the Train superfan. In addition to Thomas, there were many pop culture references throughout the movie. The references aren’t only irrelevant jokes, they add to the story and depth of the characters as well. The fight scenes were also really well done. The use of the different angles and movements portrayed made us feel every punch like we were on the Train too. 

Although a great time, Bullet Train does have some flaws. It seemed like the budget for the film was mostly spent on the great actors and fight choreography, meaning some of the special effects were compromised. Essentially every shot of the movie not on the train looked fake, and the green screens were very apparent. The ending of the movie was also a little too cheesy and convenient, though it did make for some good laughs. 

Overall, Bullet Train is a fun, stylized action comedy that, at its worst, is still a load of fun. Great action, witty writing, what’s not to like? The 3! Movie Reviews highly recommend Bullet Train to anyone looking for a good time at the movies.