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MultiVersus Guide

The Next Super Smash Bros?



Never before had we seen an intense battle between Bugs Bunny and Batman. That all changed the day this new crossover fighting game was released to the public.

Multiversus is an online PVP game by Warner Bros, available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.  The game itself is free with the option to purchase other editions containing in-game content.

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 The main mode inside Multiversus is 2v2 and 1v1 action with action-packed platform fighting, the goal being to knock the opposing team out before they do the same to you. There are 17 characters currently in the game from all sorts of TV shows and movies, from LeBron James to Tom and Jerry. This cartoony yet competitive fighting game has immediately blown up, peaking at 153,000 concurrent players in its opening week.

Below we have created a guide for all of the characters currently in the game, as we’ve already spent a decent chunk of time playing. Different characters have different pros and cons, and there is guaranteed to be one that fits your style.


Finn: Seen as one of the most dominant characters in the game, Finn’s move set is enjoyable, simple, and almost always guaranteed to beat his opponents. His backpack spinning attack is one of the best KO moves in the game and is also a surefire way to annoy your friends. While his defense is not fantastic, his quick, powerful attack moves make Finn one of the best in the game

Bugs Bunny: Bugs is one of the most popular characters in the game. His move set really provides everything you could ask for, and it is very easy to learn combos and get into a groove. He has some classic voice lines true to his character, and his moves reflect that. They vary from nukes to safes to bombs and hammers, just like in the show. Similarly, you can burrow underground to hide out from the enemy and spring up when they least expect it. The skill cap seems to be very high for this character, and he is one that you can learn to master.

Superman: Superman is regarded by many as the easiest character to learn. His moves are very basic, yet powerful, and you can easily chain them to create good combos. His basic moving ground attack can easily gain you an advantage straight out of the gate. Superman is a character recommended for all beginners who haven’t played a game of this type before.

Velma: If you’re looking for a ranged character to use, Velma has to be your number one pick. Her special ability allows her siren to lock on the opponent and send three separate attacks that do quite a bit of damage. Even though she doesn’t have many good finishing moves, her special attack causes the opponent to get trapped in a cop car and forced off the stage. Velma’s speed and defense are just OK, but if you utilize her ranged attacks and stay far from the opponent, she doesn’t have many liabilities. 

Batman: The dark night is the most defensive character in the game. Similar to the Batman we know from the movies, it seems like he can endure any hit. He may not be as offensive as some others, but his ability to stay in the fight makes him just as viable of an option. You will also hear some classic lines from vengeance while battling, making him a very fun choice.

Jake: Jake the shape-shifting dog is the most generic close combat character in the game. His attacks have decent hitboxes and some are able to hit opponents in front and behind him. His long punch can add some range to his attacks, and his stretchy move allows for recovery if you fall off the edge with no jumps left. Jake’s speed and defense are decent and neither are liabilities, but his big hit ability is what should attract you to use this character.

Wonder Woman:  Wonder Woman is the very first character you receive, and therefore is probably the easiest to play with a very basic skill set. Her moves are pretty basic and reflect her fighting skills from the comics and movies. Few stick to playing this character once they unlock others, but she is still a very viable option for those looking for a trusty, competitive character.

Harley Quinn:  Harley specializes in quick, low-damage moves that can be chained together to inflict high damage. It is hard to fully eliminate characters with her, but quite easy to inflict a large sum of damage due to her speed. She takes more skill than some of the others in order to succeed, but it is very rewarding to control the fight with her quick moves. If you are looking for a character with a bigger grind with a large upside, Harley Quinn may fit the bill.

Garnet: Many other characters have the same big hit ability as Garnet, but few are comparable with her wide range of moves. Some like her star grab allow for some range with others like her big smash deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. While it may take time to get used to her lack of quickness, her fantastic defense makes up for any liability speed gives her. Garnet may not seem appealing to the eye, but make sure to never judge a book by its cover.

Iron Giant: Iron Giant is a standalone character in the way that he is quite literally giant. He is roughly two times the size of the other characters, which comes with both pros and cons. He is able to deliver heavy hits with a large range, but he is also a large target for the opposition. If both teammates select Iron Giant, they have the ability to merge together and fight as one which is an ability fully unique to this character. Those who play Iron Giant can control the battlefield with his large range and infuriate the opponents quite easily.

Tom and Jerry: This character, or characters, have a differing mechanic from any other option in the game. While you mainly control Tom the cat, Jerry is simultaneously attacking alongside him. This allows for a lot of control over approaching other enemies and dictating the fight. They are labeled as a “ranged” unit so you may find success helping your teammate from a distance. There are many cool combos to learn and Tom and Jerry are a rewarding option for those looking to invest lots of time into the game. 

Taz: Unlike other characters, Taz is built for all different types of players. His tornado spin is sure to annoy all opponents, and his sandwich attack deals a lot of damage. His overall strength is pretty low, so expect to combo with him and capitalize on mistakes on your opponent rather than beat them with brute force.   

Steven Universe: Steven is one of the most unique characters in the entire game. A special aspect to him is that he is able to form a literal candy helper that follows the opponent around and attacks them every few seconds. He also can form portals that block the opponent. This can be used in a combo with certain attacks that force the opponent to bounce back and forth off the portal. Steven’s main flaw is his speed, but he makes up for it with a lot of hard hitting attacks and good defense. 

Shaggy: If you have any doubts about if Shaggy is a successful melee character, remove them immediately. His simple attack moves deal quite a bit of damage, and he even has some range to his attacks. Once enough damage has been dealt, Shaggy has the unique ability to enter rage mode. This powers up all his attack moves and almost always guarantees a KO when making contact with an opponent. He’s not the fastest or the best defensively, but if you stay aggressive rather than passive then Shaggy is sure to give you wins.

Arya Stark: Unlike the other expert characters, you should be slightly intimidated by choosing Arya as your main. She contains very few finishing moves and requires more skill than just a stereotypical “button-masher.” A cool feature of Arya is that she is able to utilize other characters’ moves with her special attack. She also deals more damage when attacking the back of an opponent so make sure to take advantage of her quick dodges and feints to deal more damage from the opponent’s back. 

Lebron James: LeBron may be considered the GOAT by some in the real world, but that is sadly not the case in the game. His move set is fun to use and has many different basketball-related moves like “posterizers” and no-look passes. While it is difficult to consistently win against high-skilled players with LeBron, he is one of the most fun characters to use. He is still a viable character in many 2v2 matchups and has become very popular among sports-loving players of the game.

Reindog: Reindog is the only character that doesn’t come from another show or game, as he is an original character by Player First Games. He is the most support-oriented character in the game, as his abilities are made to help his teammate as much as they are made to defeat the other team. He is easy to learn the basics of, yet hard to reach a highly competitive level with. If you prefer to let your teammate handle the dirty work while still contributing, Reindog may be your thing.

This game has many characters and everyone is sure to find one that fits their needs and playstyles. Whether you are looking for a fun, laid-back experience or a character that you can take to a competitive level, you are sure to find the fighter that fits your approach.

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