Optimist Wins 3 Awards!

Melanie Southern, Writer

Last year, Bloomington South Optimist entered IHSPA’s Rowena Harvey Awards. There were thousands of entries, and The Optimist recently discovered they won three awards. These awards include news writing, website activity, and social media.

In news writing, Quinley Bowden’s article “Hola to a new wave of Spanish-speaking students at BHSS” placed second. She gives an insight into new students at South who speak different languages and how difficult it is to adapt to a different environment. 

In the social media category, Collin Thompson, Iris Kreilkamp, and Elena Rupp placed second for Bloomington South’s Newspaper “The Optimist”. Finally, in website activity, Iris Kreilkamp, Celeste Kreilkamp, and Eva Stuart place in second for South’s newspaper “The Optimist” as well.