South Provides Diversity in the Lunch Line

Hailey Dunlop-Bahler, Staff Writer

Many students have noticed that the front left lunch line, when entering from the atrium, has been inconsistent with the food it serves. They walk in and expect a sandwich, but instead are greeted with potatoes and chili! 

Food service manager Westley Penland, said this is simply “trying to get more variety.” Penland said that the cafeteria workers hope to “get [back] up to four lines that are consistent.” This was last seen in 2019, before Covid-19 shut down the school, where there was a special line for sub sandwiches, and a line that sold brand name pizza. 

The line is currently switching between tacos, sandwiches, and potatoes and chili. This switch is scheduled to occur weekly, but it is also dependent on the amount of staff in the cafeteria. The line switches are just for diversity, and many students have already enjoyed the delicious meals being given out.