Gun Found on MCCSC Bus Renews Safety Concerns

Jenna Torline, Co-Editor, Ad Manager

September 13th, 2022, the families of Batchelor Middle School students received an email describing the seizing of a firearm that occurred on bus route #155. According to the email, sent by Principal Eric Gilpin, the school received a tip that a student on the bus was in possession of a firearm. School administration and resource officers detained the student and found them to be in possession of the firearm. The student has been arrested and faces a one-year expulsion in accordance with Indiana state law. 

For many South students, this will be a reminder of when we went through a similar event in which a 9mm Glock handgun and second loaded magazine was found in a student’s bag during the school day. This occurred September 30th, 2021.

This is a concerning escalation of prospective gun violence within our school district. As students, it’s of increasing importance that we keep ourselves tuned in to our community to continue to prevent potential tragedy. This is only reinforced by the actions of the BMS student who made the tip today. We should take this event and the students as an example as to why it’s so important to say something, even if you’re unsure of what you saw.

If there’s something to report, tips can be submitted via the MCCSC webpage, or by calling the Safe School Hotline (812-330-2494). Both are confidential ways to report unsafe conditions within any MCCSC school.