Cindy Whitehead, head of South’s bookstore, retires

Laynie Rearick, Staff Writer

Cindy Whitehead retires after 15 years.

After working at South for 15 years, Cindy Whitehead retired September 7, 2022. Along with running the bookstore, there are also several things she did behind the scenes that students may not realize.

“It’s not just taking care of the bookstore,” Whitehead said. Working behind the scenes as the treasurer for South, she was in charge of handling all the finances for the school. Teachers would go to her, tell her what they needed for their classroom, and she would place the orders. “One of my favorite parts [was] working with the teachers when they come in to make a deposit,” she said.

Of course, Whitehead hadn’t always worked at South. She majored in finance at IU, later working as a bank teller. She received training in all departments. “I seem to have had an aptitude for numbers,” Whitehead admitted. As well as having a knack for math, she’s been treasurer for several organizations, including the National Association of Bank Women. However, after her children were born, she took a break for 17 years to be a stay-at-home mom. After her kids finished high school, she decided to return to the working world and was hired by South in 2007.

Now that she’s retired, what are her plans? “Maybe getting my house organized,” Whitehead said. She added that she plans to take care of her parents and is looking forward to spending more time with her grandchildren.