Top Horror Movies

Elliot Thurston, Staff Writer



Us has to be one of the best psychological thriller movies out there. Director Jordan Peele dives into a deeper plot compared to his other films, marking his territory in the directing world as one of the best new horror movie directors. Us’ cinematography and storyline is amazing. The movie isn’t for everyone though, with some features being hard to follow, and with such an extreme twist in the story viewers are made to sit back and think about what just happened. For those who are willing to watch an intense movie,I would highly recommend Us as a great outlet.


The Shining

The Shining is one of the most significant films in history. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, the movie is set in the scariest hotel you’ve ever seen. With one of the most iconic scenes of all time,”Here’s JOHNNY!” you’re bound to know where this movie comes from. Unlike other horror movies The Shining makes you question reality with most scares in the film being a figment of your imagination. For a movie that came out 42 years ago it’s quite impressive how it withstood the test of time. Making this a bucket list horror movie for all film fanatics. 


Get Out

Get Out comes from the same director as Us, Jordan Peele in my favorite horror film to watch with friends or family. The scare level of the movie is just right,  letting the viewers relax at some points, but also keeping them intrigued until the end. With a lot of twists and turns I found it hard to look away from the movie for even a second. The soundtrack also kept the viewer dead silent throughout the film with all music being placed perfectly, and letting a lot of the ambient noise of the actors set the tone. With all these elements I found Get Out to be a fantastic movie that I could rewatch time and time again.


Black Phone

Black Phone has to be one of the best horror movies to come out in 2022 and with only a budget of $16 million dollars it is even more impressive. Although statistically it is only the third largest horror movie to come out since 2020 it’s still one of the most impressive that I have seen in recent years. With a small setting, most movies would fall behind in the aspect of high quality storytelling, but Black Phone does the opposite. Allowing the actors to do most of the work, having them be the key element to the film rather than relying on their location.  Being realistic with their scares, and focusing more on the thriller aspect of the movie rather than creating jumpscares with CGI. With 2022 only having four months left I can safely say that Black Phone is the best 2022 thriller movie. 



Unlike the other movies in this list, this movie is a foreign film, being set in South Korea. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, this movie is set up to let the audience think for themselves. Going all out, building an entire house that was actually functional to fit the movie’s aesthetic. Not to mention the actual movie being incredible with long shots being key to Joon-ho’s filming style. Plenty of scares back this set as well, having most if not all of scares happening with little to no music. Making you feel as if you are submersed in the movie, drawing out every scare. But all in all, the movie is great and for a foreign film with no English dialogue I found myself forgetting there were captions.