Raising Cane’s Arrives to Bloomington

Mateo Fuentes-Rohwer, News Writer

It’s been a year since the announcement of the new location of Raising Cane’s on Kirkwood Avenue. After many months of waiting, it finally opened its doors on September 7th. To some it seemed like just another fast food restaurant coming to an already crowded street, but to superfan Philip Kluesner, it couldn’t have come any faster. 

“It’s good! That’s the bottom line,” said Kluesner. “It’s good, good, good, good!”

Founded in Baton Rouge in 1996, Raising Cane’s was late to the chicken game behind the likes of KFC and Chick-fil-A but has risen in popularity in recent years. One odd but unique characteristic of the restaurant is its menu, or lack thereof. The fast food restaurant only sells six items, but for some that’s all they need. 

“It’s got exactly what I like,” said Kluesner. “I think simple is better in some cases.”

The limitations associated with the menu may not bother meat-eaters, but vegetarians, vegans, and non-chicken lovers cannot fully experience Raising Cane’s. Even though more than half of the menu options are vegetarian friendly, they aren’t as attractive to vegetarians like senior Emma Shaw as the chicken is to meat-eaters. 

“If I go I’ll eat bread,” said Shaw, “but I’m not likely to go there.”

Many restaurants have worked to gain customers like Shaw who don’t eat meat. However, those efforts don’t seem to be having the intended effect.

“Typically at fast food places, even if they have vegetarian options, they just don’t hit,” said Shaw.

While some may feel the same as Shaw, to many the opening of Raising Cane’s is a huge benefit to the fast food options of Bloomington. Its unique qualities and features may not attract everyone, but for chicken lovers like Kluesner, it’s got everything they need.

“Even though it’s limited, they’re pretty good at what they do.”