Juliana Crespo Promotes Mindfulness in Panther Plus

Hailey Dunlop-Bahler, Staff Writer

 If you’re feeling stressed out by assignments and tests, we may have a solution.

Juliana Crespo, who teaches global literature and yearbook in room A122, now offers a mindfulness session in her Wednesday Panther Plus classes. It begins with a short meditation session, then moves into anything relaxing. She offers a wide variety of arts and crafts, such as friendship bracelet making, coloring, journaling, and puzzling.

 “ I find [this] really useful. I’ve struggled with anxiety and some things in my past, I just wanted to give that opportunity to students,” Crespo said.

Since South no longer has SEL (Social Emotional Learning), Crespo thought it would be helpful for students to be able to have a safe space to calm down and let all the stress of high school slip away. “I wanted a[n] authentic way to reach students and to create a safe space for them to connect to themselves during a crazy week,” she said.

Crespo stated that she “hope[s] students keep feeling the interest in it [as] that’s what it takes for [it] to keep going.” So if you feel you might be interested, sign up via the Panther Plus website to attend. Cameron Southern said that he “love[s] it” and that “it is really calming and helps him get out of his own mind.” David Chaves Avali said that “[the meditation] was great”, and that he would recommend it to others. If you need a break, sign up for Wednesday!