ASL club is here!

Jack Crystal, Staff Writer

      Even though ASL classes have only been at BHSS for a couple of years, there is already an ASL club. “The ASL club is a way to spread awareness about deaf culture and to get more people to take the ASL class because people don’t understand how much it is needed,” said Kate Barada, one of two creators of the club. 

      “We meet once a month,” said Barada. ASL club is trying to meet on the second Monday of the month but it is not completely decided. They will be meeting in A110,the ASL classroom, during Panther Plus. Club members will participate in ASL trivia, games about sign language and learn more about deaf culture. “We also want to learn about different ways to make it easier to include deaf people in society,” said Barada.

    The leaders and sponsors of the ASL club are also working on getting some guest speakers from Bloomington’s deaf community to help educate students. “You don’t learn much about the deaf community through school,” said Kenna Dickens, another leader of the club. 

 “Anyone can join even if they don’t know American Sign Language,” said Sarah Lee, the ASL teacher and sponsor of the club. She said the club includes practicing conversation skills and learning more about ASL culture but with a more relaxing environment than ASL classes..

If interested, listen for updates on club meetings and talk to Sarah Lee in A110 for more information.