RFID Student IDs Q&A

Alden Jankowski, Staff Writer

RFID-equipped student IDs are coming to Bloomington South. These new IDs will allow parents to receive push notifications when their child scans their ID getting on and off of MCCSC buses, parents will be able to opt out of these notifications if they choose.


Question: What is an RFID chip?

Answer: RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID chips are placed on or inserted in objects that can then be automatically identified and tracked using electromagnetic fields.


Question: How does this affect Bloomington South Students?

Answer: Students will be able to use these cards to interact with food services, meaning they can be used to pay for meals instead of using the typical PIN code. For students that use the bus service, they will tap their ID cards when getting on and off of buses, allowing their parents to see the exact times of these events.


Question: When will the new IDs be available?

Answer: RFID Student ID Cards distribution will begin on Monday, October 24th.


Question: When can students begin using their new IDs?

Answer: Students may begin using them as soon as they receive them.


Question: What happens if a student loses their ID?

Answer: The student can submit a request for a new ID to their school, which will then deliver the new ID within three-five days.